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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

another life drawing

I went life drawing again this morning, with dubious results. Of the 6 drawings I did today, I think this, which is one of the 5 minute "warm up" sketches is the most successful. 'All good practice anyway.

Otherwise, I was most excited to receive issue 17 of ImagineFX at the weekend: one of my favourite magazines, combining illustration with fantasy and science fiction.


ladysnail said...

thanks for the comment clare! i love making the fish talk so to speak and hope to do a project about them-they are just doodles in the sketchbook at the moment so need to get them out swimming abit more in colour! dx

ladysnail said...

hello calre-am back again but the other comment i left hasnt appeared? anyway just to say that the second life drawing you posted in teh forum looks fantastic! very nice indeed. dx

ladysnail said...

clare-i spelt your name wrong on the other comment-am very sorry-just realised i had clicked to send before checking-my typing is very bad. x

clare said...

Thanks for all your comments, Ladysnail ;o)
I do moderate comments, after I had some spam ones, or it could be simply mis-spelling Clare.

I hope do develop those talking fish - they are fab!

Thanks for the complment on the longer pose from today's life drawig session, too

C xx