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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pause for reflection

Not a lot of useful drawing and painting has occurred for the past month or so, because I have been very pre-occupied with urgently rearranging some day to day living arrangements. Drawing has continued, which has kept my eye and hand co-ordination up to speed, but not of the kind of quality I'd want to share!
This pause has given me an opportunity to reflect on the contents of my various portfolios, and I have realised that in my efforts to be consistent in what I am displaying, I have lost some key elements of me as a person from the work - the guitar-playing rock chick who is a Very Important Fan of the London Roller Girls, and a proud knitter member of Stitch London. So, now experimenting with some new work to add.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Artist's impression of me as a coin

Some fellow creative pals and I visited the medieval rooms at the British Museum, and the talented and lovely Chichi has produced these drawings to commemorate the occasion!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sneak preview of box and humpties

I suspect that I have not learnt to do photography properly before because there is so much to consider that I overwhelm myself with information.
Here is the box: I will be on familiar territory converting this into a lightbox, wielding measure, pen, knife, tape and tracing paper. So much so that I have even dreamed up an improvement on the design! This photo taken how I usually do: find some reasonably good lighting in my flat, and adjust shooting distance to get the image framed nicely.
I did something similar here, with this sneak preview of the new members of the humpty clan.

Photography to do list

Photography is rather a mystery to me still: sometimes my photos are stunningly good by accident, but mostly lack lustre. I have had loads of feedback now that my photographs of things I've made to sell on etsy, etc do not do justice to the items in real life. So.. I need to make a concerted effort to learn to photograph small items better! There are lots of good photography tips on etsy, so I am starting with some small non intimidating steps:
  1. Make a light box. I've got the materials - carton, tracing paper and tape, and good instructions.
  2. Learn what the settings on the camera mean.
  3. Experiment by snapping the new humpties as I usually do, and then following instructions from etsy article.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Bunny

It is a glorious day of spring sunshine and showers, so I have been out for a walk to my favourite Finsbury Park . Look who I spotted scurrying among the daffodils: a tiny Easter Bunny! She also spotted me, and climbed higher for a better look, before running off again, I know not where. Maybe to find her friend The Easter Bunny - the one who delivers the chocolate eggs. Happy Easter!