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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snow Legs

This was the pretty sight which greeted me on Wednesday morning! We do get snow every winter in the part of London where I reside, but it is usually a fleeting visitor, staying no more than a day or two. This winter is taking a different tack: thick snow in the week before Christmas, and now again a gorgeous and treacherous blanket of snow and ice seems set to be here for at least a week or so. So, adapting to life with snow has led to changes in wardrobe: regular foot ware outdoors is now my glamourous site boots + some neon pink leg warmers hastily purchased in local shop. Truly, the 80s have returned: that was apparently the last time we had so much snow in London, and also the last time I wore leg warmers!
I figured that not only humans in this part of the world are unaccustomed to such extended cold weather, so have put out some seed and fat balls for the birds, having first been very careful to remove the nylon netting these are sold in because the birds can injure their feet in the netting .
In my sketchbook, I am playing around with stick figures in the snow!

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