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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Scenery update

Thank you for the kind comments on the design! 'Seeing the scenery under stage lighting at the dress rehearsal, I realised it looks too clean and new, so I am plotting ways to tone down the new paintness, and make it look a bit grubby. The setting is meant to be a slightly neglected, village train station waiting room. Cold tea, and some dust is probably the way forward, plus one of the actors suggested some graffiti..


Catherine said...

You can get special paint for 'antiquing' which you paint on, leave for a bit then rub off leaving bits in the dents in something. Maybe something like that would work?

clare said...

Good suggestion, Cat, thanks. I did look in the diy section at my local Woolies thbis morning, but suspect it is necessary to go to specialist diy shops to get antiquing products! No time to do that today, so I used tea, which seems to have worked.