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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Illustration friday: Open

Here is my idea for this week's topic of "Open". I currently have more than a bit of an obsession with "The Owl and The Pussy-cat", who seem to be lending themselves well to playing around with ideas - thoughts about what else they do, apart from sailing away with honey, and dining on quince with a runcible spoon! "Missed the deadline to draw up and post in time for Illustration Friday, but I did rough out an idea for the Owl and Pussycat juggling, too. It's a good idea, and gives me useful practice with Wacom pen and Painter, so will make the image and post it here soon.


Suzy said...


zari.ZHM said...

so cute!...great idea!

falafel said...

deear arntie clare

i like yor blog but orl thes cats are making me nervus so i mite scamper off sumwhere else befor thay notice me

now ive got a frend corled fidget an she is a hamster to

Flaf xxxxxxxxx