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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

preview of the scenery

I'm still working on the scenery (the dress rehearsal is on Friday!), and this is the top right hand panel. In the photo, it is lying on the floor, which is the only way I can paint it - too unstable upright, plus there could be a problem with paint running. It is an interesting challenge form a technical perspective: the panel is recycled, so it is the rough textured back of hardboard which you can see, plus on the right hand side there is a whole row of short strips of tape, which I have to paint over!


Cathy said...

Love it, Clare - really effective!

By the way, I've used the photo you took of me and Chichi on my blog - hope this is OK!

clare said...

Thanks, Cathy. It fills the thespians brief well, and it is nice to know other people like it, too.

Yes, it is fine that you have used the photo on your blog.

natural attrill said...

Looking good Clare!

Catherine said...

That's coming along nicely :)