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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

bracelet, drawing and hats

A delightful gift arrived from Toby Attrill (see naturalattrill link): a fab pearly green and white bead bracelet!

At life drawing today the model was wearing shoes with very high heels - and she is tall without. Quite a challenge to get the proportions for the drawing right.

Here are the first couple of smoothie hats I have knitted for the Innocent Age Concern fundraiser: I'm very much enjoying being creative with them, and may have cheated a little by using crochet to make the pink flower!


natural attrill said...

Hi Clare,
Glad you liked the bracelet,
Are the smoothie hats hats for smoothies?? Or are they head sized?


clare said...

Hi Toby

The smoothie hats are for smoothies! For fund raising for Age Concern, Innocent sell smoothies with the little knitted hats in the winter, apparently, and the shopkeeper and Innocent contribute 50p for every hatted smoothie sold. So I am enjoying myself knitting for a good cause. I'll photo and post some more over the weekend.