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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Of Lace and Yarn

Currently I am on a mission to knit new lace edgings for a well worn and much-loved cotton and linen summer cardigan, which now has huge holes on the cuffs and bottom. It occurred to me that I did not have to emulate the existing lace, but could knit something more me. My inner goth requested skulls lace, so I set about devising a skull edging of appropriate size. After all, it could not be that difficult: I'd dreamed up a skull humpty dumpty in April, and knitting lace is simply a matter of increasing and decreasing stitches to create holes in specific places. Quite a few attempts and experiments later, I decided that a better understanding of the construction of knitted lace would help, so I have embarked on making a lace sampler scarf. It is not creating the skull shapes which has been the problem, but figuring out a satisfactory openwork background to set them off, without making the lace edging too deep. Wish me luck!
New additions to my stashes of yarn and buttons: this fabulous 2 ply lace yarn came from Yarn to Knit . I was lucky enough to win a £10 voucher for the shop in the monthly draw from news letter subscribers, and then even luckier to be able to meet Martina in person at Of Cabbages and Kings, and so choose the yarn and button in real life.

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