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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pause for reflection

Not a lot of useful drawing and painting has occurred for the past month or so, because I have been very pre-occupied with urgently rearranging some day to day living arrangements. Drawing has continued, which has kept my eye and hand co-ordination up to speed, but not of the kind of quality I'd want to share!
This pause has given me an opportunity to reflect on the contents of my various portfolios, and I have realised that in my efforts to be consistent in what I am displaying, I have lost some key elements of me as a person from the work - the guitar-playing rock chick who is a Very Important Fan of the London Roller Girls, and a proud knitter member of Stitch London. So, now experimenting with some new work to add.

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Catherine said...

I can identify with's a funny balancing act, making your work consistent and what the powers that be consider 'marketable' whilst maintaining the 'youness' of it! If you figure it out, do let me know!