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Monday, November 03, 2008

Sleep Day 1

New month, new blog project: ) In my eternal quest to never again have a migraine, this month I am exploring whether increasing the amount of sleep I do has any effect. This is something I've not considered before, given my natural dormouse tendencies - I have no problem going to sleep, and generally do not wake in the night. Anyway, I thought "sleep" would keep my mind focussed! The first painting is of the household's sleep expert - my lovely cat :)


Catherine said...

That looks like one relaxed puddy tat :D
Good luck with tracking down your migraine trigger(s). I recently found out that for some people it can be a combination of things - eg, not enough sleep + too much acidic food = migraine - but not necessarily those things on their own.
I think too much white flour does it to me, orange juice definitely, as its instant. They are not fun :(

clare said...

Thanks, Cat : ) I totally agree - I think migraine is triggered by a mix of things, otherwise it would be quite easy to solve the mystery of what causes them. 'Glad you have narrowed down your triggers.