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Monday, November 17, 2008

Furniture moving

Hi - I am very busy at the moment moving furniture around in my flat to install a plans chest! This is very exciting: I had been looking out for a compact plans chest to store water colour paper, paints, etc, etc for quite a few years, then came across a lovely one 10 days ago. Physically getting it into my flat has been an interesting challenge - not least because the cupboard used as an interim measure for the storage of said water colour paper could not be collected until today, and the plans chest was delivered on Saturday. So the past week has been a saga of moving furniture, contents of cupboard, etc around, and a consequence is that space and time for painting has not been easy to find, not to mention the scanner usually lives on top of cupboard/plans chest, so has also not been usable! Anyway, today should see getting my flat back into good working order.

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