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Friday, May 02, 2008

Gardening and eating

Yesterday I was having technical difficulties with re-sizing, etc, so did not post the final painting from the gardening project: the beautiful white clematis montana that graces my garden in the spring : )

My new blog project is my favourite foods, and here I am starting with home made pizza : ) It is so very easy to make the dough base, just requires a little planning in advance, and then I can have pizza with not very much cheese, and heaps of lovely fresh vegetables. Asparagus is a great addition in the spring.

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Erica-Jane said...

Hi Clare!

What a great subject for a study! There is just endless inspiration to be had in the garden...and as for pizza, it's on the menu in the artypants household this evening, (although of the frozen variety, I'm not sure I'd make a very nice one from scratch!) Mmmmmm, asparagus on pizza, sounds yum!