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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

working on portfolios

I've made a plan now for illustrations for my portfolios I am going to work on each week until the end of March. This feels interesting: I have so many ideas for pictures that I tend to spend my time getting all the ideas down on paper/computer, and then run out of time to follow through to produce finished pieces! So in order to focus my mind, I have made a very simple chart showing which 2 illustrations I am to work on each week - one for general illustration portfolio, and one for children's illustration portfolio or my children's books. The point then will be to look at the chart each day to remind myself. So far, so good: yesterday I was painting some asparagus images, and drawing a spread for the children's book ready for painting. Today I had much less time available, but I did do another half hour of painting the asparagus; and a bit more writing/designing of the next book on my tube journeys.

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Chris.P said...

Hi clare
I'm trying to build up a portfolio myself at the moment. Staying focussed and motivated are almost harder than doing the artwork itself.

It's good that you have devised a system to keep you on track as it's so easy to drift. Having a Blog is useful for this, and I reinforce this with loads of 'to do' lists!