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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Housework today

Today I have mostly been catching up with housework, which is a good thing: I'd had a nasty sore throat/cough type cold since the begining of January, and not been up to doing it for a couple of weeks. I have also had a good idea for this week's Illustration Friday topic of 'super hero'. My thinking on this was a bit stuck to start with, then overhearing someone in Caffe Nero this morning saying the Joe Sample (from The Crusaders) is their hero, got me musing about my own guitar heroes. Watch this space!


ladysnail said...

I've been tagged by Pea and wrote six werid things about myself on my blog. I have tagged you and i hope you dont mind. Please write 6 weird things about you on your blog and then tag 6 new people, letting them know on their blog that you've tagged them and direct them to your blog for instructions. dxxx.

clare said...

That's fine, Ladysnail! I'm having fun trying to think up 6 weird things about me that I am prepared to admit to in public.