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Friday, December 17, 2010

Absence and a pink tree

Blogging absence is down to being poorly with bronchitis, something I have not had before. Fortunately, I have a viral type, and am on the mend, just still very weak! It's been most disconcerting being ill for more than ten days: I'm rarely sick for longer than a day or so.

So to cheer myself up, today I treated myself to a pink tinsel Christmas tree, and some white lights for it.

All the glass baubles, etc are ones I've treasured for many years. The cute chubby angel-fairy on the top was a lovely gift. The little glass santa at the foot of the tree was saved from the original set of fairy lights my parents had when I was small. Enjoy!

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Sarah-Lou said...

Oh, sorry to hear you've been poorly. Get well soon! I *LOVE* your tree :) S-L