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Monday, November 30, 2009

Percy The Pigeon

Another little creature: I have had fun making Percy the Pigeon from a knitting pattern I found on the anti-bullying campaign's website The delightful knitted Percy was designed by Alan Dart, and is based on an illustration by my lovely friend Sarah Miskelly for Anita Hunt's book "Matty-boy and The Secret Pigeon Racket" . A very worthy cause: bullying wherever it takes place makes life so miserable.


Deb said...

he is good. he looks great clare! all for a worthy casue as well. dx.

Chris.P said...

Cute character Clare. Good job.

clare said...

Thank you Deb and Chris : )

Deb - I thought about your fab pigeons when I was knitting Percy : )

Nita Joy said...

Thanks for supporting our anti-bullying campaign, your Percy looks fab!:)