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Monday, June 22, 2009

Organising Knitting day 3

This is a cute cropped cardigan, using some fabulous Noro wool yarn. So far I have knitted the back, and cast on the left front side. 'Not bad progress, since the yarn was only given to me about ten days ago! Oh yes, and I am knitting this project on a circular needle - less possibility of dropping stitches making it this way.


Catherine said...

Lovely colours in this. I didn't know circular needles reduced the chance of dropping stitches (knitting dunce, here!) That's a problem I had when I tried to learn.
Are you going to have knitted things in the Etsy shop? :-)

clare said...

Yes, this is the plan! I'm re-thinking what, though, because the USA's CSPIA laws have got me worried.