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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas tree

I've been away from here for a while: I had not allowed at all for the fact that this December marked the tenth anniversary of the death of someone who had been very dear to me, plus what would have been his birthday, and that I would as a consequence find myself grappling ghosts metaphorically and in my dreams for much of the month. 

Anyway, today is the  winter solstice, and I have marked it as usual by decorating my christmas tree : ) I'm looking forward to the days growing longer again, and getting back to my sketchbook and that wacom tablet!


Catherine said...

Sorry to hear that this month marks a sad anniversary. I hope you're ok.

I'm looking forward to visible signs of the solstice having passed!

Happy Christmas - are you seeing family?

clare said...

Thank you, Cat : ) Yes, I'm much happier now. Christmas day is always the one where I begin to see the days visible getting longer : )

Happy Christmas to you, too.xx

Yes, I'm seeing some of my family - my Dad, a brother and his family, and two sisters and their families: ) By virtue of huge distances involved, Christmas present swapping tends to last until Easter with us!

Chris.P said...

I hope you have a really enjoyable Christmas Clare, and 2009 is very prosperous for you.