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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn wardrobe day 4

New-to-me Mandarina Duck: a £1.00 bargain from a Traidcraft shop, which was easy to clean up. It is a great bag, with lots of compartments and room for sketchbook, etc.

I also like to have new gloves every year and as money is tight, I have loads of wool and can knit well, I decided to knit some in the round this autumn! The big plus is I can make them exactly how I want, from the lovely, dark marine blue angora.


Catherine said...

Oooh blue angora gloves - lovely :) I wish I could knit well.
£1 for a bag is a real bargain (I would imagine London charity shops are dearer but evidence so far to the contrary)
Interested to see you paint up the rest of your autumn wardrobe.

clare said...

Thanks for your comments, Cat : ).

The bag was a particular bargain because Traidcraft were having a sale: all clothes items £3 or less, and accessories (including bags) £1. I was very lucky indeed.

Charity shop prices vary enormously in London, as indeed they do in Harrogate, and Cirencester from what I have seen! Some of the charity shops actually charge more for their clothes than the items cost new: the folks who are pricing them evidently don't know all the brand names... Similarly some shops are charging too much for cds: I'll take a chance with an album I don't know if its £2, but not when priced at £3.99 - hence I did not buy Cara Dillon in Oxfam last week; )