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Monday, August 18, 2008

Music Festival day 14, and another money image

This is singer Aayjemaal painted from a sketch I made of her at Womad 2004.  Aayjemaal and her band were performing traditional music from Turkmenistan. It is the opportunity to see performers like Aayjemaal which makes Womad such a special music festival. : )

Another "money" image: my Dad is treasurer for a local organisation.  One of Dad's colleagues regularly presents him with an old (clean) sock full of loose change as a donation to the charitable fund!


Catherine said...

I like the sock full of money idea :)
Great character in the singer, how her hands are etc

clare said...

Thanks, Catherine : )

Yes, the collecting coins in an old sock is a very old-fashioned idea, and one that I was amazed to find anyone actually did these days!

natural attrill said...

That made me chuckle, great idea to give money in a sock!!