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Monday, June 16, 2008

Money day 5 + more fave food

I've been away for a few days, and noticed the use of this silver sauce boat as a temporary home for money being set aside for a particular purpose!

Here is a favourite dish for when friends come over: vegetarian lasagne, which I make without cheese sauce. Usually, I layer up mushrooms, tomato sauce, and lentils with the lasagne sheets, then sprinkle lots of oil and paprika on the final layer to make a crispy topping. All served with a large green salad.


natural attrill said...

Lasagne sounds good Clare, I make it without cheese as well, though in mine I usually put aubergines, spinach, and some type of bean, sometimes okra, and tomato of course.

Catherine said...

Lasagne without cheese sauce sounds interesting. My mum makes just white sauce for the top (I didn't know people put cheese in for a very long time!) I make mine usually with grated courgette, carrot, veggie mince, sometimes sweetcorn, red pepper, plenty of pesto and sometimes lentils.
Looks yummy.