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Monday, December 03, 2007

Advent Calendar 3

Here is today's advent image : ). As well as having fun with the painting, I'm also learning a lot about scanning: the images are painted on the same block of water colour paper, so I have to isolate the the right part to make into a jpeg!


Chris.P said...

I think you've hit upon a good way of getting people back to your blog every day this month:¬)

clare said...

Thanks for looking, chris p : )

The idea of making an advent calendar on my blog was copied from Lorna Brown, who made one in 2005, and I loved looking at her blog each day myself.

natural attrill said...

Great idea Clare, we might copy you next year with Toby's jewellery if you dont mind, 24 pieces, one a day.
Happy painting!

clare said...

Thanks, Penny.

I'd love to see an advent calendar of Toby's jewellery : )