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Saturday, May 12, 2007


This wonderful foxglove is growing in the blue pot alongside the little fig tree! I am always so thankful and impressed by the way plants flourish in my garden - there is always something fabulous to look at, in spite of me not devoting much time to it.


Tommy-Rocket said...

Oh, she's lovely!
Foxgloves are my favourite, favourite flowers in the world.
I make sure I always have a gazillion of them in the back garden, as I adore them soooo much.
It must be alot milder in London, as mine are not yet in flower!


Cathy said...

Your foxglove is fantastic - I love the way things just arrive in gardens!

I have to say that some of my favourite plants were just self-seeded in some obscure place, to begin with!

clare said...

Erica - London is generally warmer than where you live. It is also true that my garden is south facing, and the part where the foxglove is growing is very sheltered!

Cathy - agree completely about plants just arriving in the garden - magical : )