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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Three french hens"?

Today I have been trying to find out exactly what "french hens" are. This is something I have been pondering since I decided 2006 would be the year for the "three french hens" Christmas card in the "Twelve days of Christmas" series. (In previous years I have done "two turtle doves"; "six geese a laying", "seven swans a swimming" and "five gold rings".) It seems there is not actually a particular variety of the domestic chicken called a "french hen"! This means I can draw whatever type of chicken I fancy doing. It will, however, definitely be black and white. Here is "six geese" to show the way I am approaching the design.


Jonh Neo said...
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AnJaka said...

Hey clare, Happy merry christmas.
see you soon, clare